MASTER Mathematical Modeling  in Engineering of Complex Systems (MMECS)

Admission and goals


Graduates of Bachelor’s Science degree (B. Sc)  or equivalent first degree (based on at least three years of study  or 180 European credit transfer system) from an internationally recognised university: Recognised universities are recognised or accredited as a university in their own country by the responsible national authority.   Requirements disciplines are : Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Mechanics. (Please see the Program Here)


The Course is focussed at forming a high knowledge in students, enabling them to easily follow technological innovation in the industries as well as in public and/or private research institutes.

Graduates from  master MMECS program will be experts in modeling and simulation of complex systems. They can look forward to careers as researchers in development labs or computing centers, senior software engineers, biological physicists,  engineer analysts and more. Thanks to their strong methodological skills, they will also profit of new career opportunities offered by the most advanced companies and research institutes operating in multidisciplinary contexts.

Graduates from master MMECS are fully qualified for a doctoral thesis in a research laboratory on in the industry in : Applied mathematics, Computer Sciences, or   Signal Processing.


  • International students are welcome to apply and participate in the programme. Due to the long visa application process, we strongly advise non-EU students to apply by 1 October  via CAMPUS FRANCE.
  • The Scholarships of Excellence provide excellent international students with the opportunity to pursue the Master MMECS programs offered by the Littoral Côte d’opale University.